Y6 – Autumn Term

This term has been packed with a range of activities and tasks to engage, challenge and inspire the children. We could not possibly mention everything we have done but here is a flavour…

We started the term with a Paralympic project which included the School Paralympic Games; children competed in 5 different events which tested their skills, patience and ability to work together and support each other. This also inspired us to launch our Fitness Fridays! Every Friday afternoon, the children jog as many laps as they can of a circuit that measures 300meters in 9 minutes. Ask your child how far they have ran so far this Term – I think you will be impressed!

Through our topic, we have learnt about toys and gadgets. This has included using the Anthony Horrowitz classic ‘Stormbreaker’ novel to inspire many of our sessions. We have also designed and made our own gadgets and toys. We have explored circuits too and designed gadgets that incorporated an electrical function. The children enjoyed dressing up as animals on Animal Day, and produced superb sketches of snow leopards. Furthermore, on World Poetry day, each class recited a poem to the Key Stage – please ask them to tell you all about it if they haven’t already!

Finally, many children now have new roles and responsibilities around the school. Whether their role is as a Sports Leader, Recycling Monitor or as part of the School Bank (to name only a few) they have all shown eagerness and efficiency in their new jobs!

These photographs capture some of the highlights so far, but we know there are so many more to come!

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