Y3 – Autumn Term

This term Year 3 have investigated prehistory and the time of our distant ancestors – Stone Age man. This was kicked off by an amazing discovery – a Stone Age skeleton found right on our school grounds! We discussed the mystery surrounding it and used the features of Newspaper reports to write our own. We also examined texts of different types to find out about writing styles and looked at using descriptive vocabulary in writing about a scene.

We explored the importance of hunting, both in terms of having enough to eat and harvesting bodies for a variety of purposes. Our research told us much more about how they made clothes and tools, and how technology progressed throughout the Stone Age. The school’s new Immersive room was a great way to explore the excitement, danger and adrenaline of squaring off against a mighty mammoth.

If that wasn’t enough, we also emulated their artworks and made class friezes using natural paints, drawing simple depictions of Stone Age activities and sights. We also used digital painting tools to create sprites and then apply code to them to make a video game where a cave man must collect objects.

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