Y2 – Autumn Term

This term, Year 2 have been learning all about The BFG and Dinosaurs. We have spent time estimating the BFG’s sweet collection, measuring him and comparing his height with other people and objects. We also created dream jars thinking about dreams from The BFG story compared to our dreams and the things we like to think about before we fall asleep.

More recently we have become palaeontologists where we have been researching and finding out all about the Jurassic Era. We have explored and found out about different dinosaurs, thinking about what makes them so unique and comparing them to the animals we see around us today.

We designed and made tasty fruit kebabs for the BFG and mixed coloured paint to create pictures of the fruits and vegetables we ate. We then used these to collage a fantastic portrait of The Queen, using the inspiration of Guiseppe Arcimboldo. You’ll be able to see these on display around school soon! Currently, we are visiting the immersive room to deepen our understanding of the Jurassic Era and thoroughly looking forward to our visit to the cinema next week to see the BFG!

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